Northampton Vets Accredited with Hospital Status

A Northampton veterinary practice has become another within its group to achieve hospital status. 

After years of hard work and dedication, Vets4Pets Northampton recently gained hospital accreditation from the RCVS. 

The practice first opened in December 2009 with four team members. Now, it boasts 33 colleagues and has a rapidly growing client base of local pet owners. 

Four years ago, the practice launched its 24-hour on-site service, and now with hospital status, offers the latest technology and equipment and the ability to carry out more advanced surgical procedures, including orthopaedics and endoscopy. 

Jenny Millington, joint venture partner (JVP) and veterinary surgeon at Vets4Pets Northampton, said: “We’re obviously thrilled and incredibly proud to be recognised with the highest level of endorsement from the industry body, RCVS. 

“Ever since we became a 24-hour practice in 2014, we have been working hard to achieve our next dream of becoming a hospital, and we’re delighted it’s been attained. 

“The hospital status means we can offer an even wider range of services to people and their pets throughout Northampton and accept more referrals from other local practices. 

“To achieve the status, we invested a lot time and money into training the team in new services such as dental X-ray and endoscopy, as well as purchasing state-of-the-art equipment, including incubators and oxygen therapy, in order to provide the highest level of care possible for our clients. 

“And, being open 24-hours means pets who need to stay overnight are never left alone or unattended, which helps us to give them the best all-round care and attention. 

“I love that our patients can be seen by a member of our team whatever day of the week, whatever time of day, and clients can relax knowing they can rely on us for this. 

“Our team has worked incredibly hard to learn all the methods and techniques needed for our new hospital services, and I couldn’t be prouder of them.” 

The practice has also been accredited as Outstanding in five areas of the RCVS Practice Standards, and Jenny has attained an Advanced Practitioner award in small animal practice. To achieve this status, she completed her Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice and had to undertake modules in Consultation Skills, Clinical Audit and Clinical Governance, as well as complete more than 250 hours of CPD. 

She is also one of only eight vets in the country, and the only one in Northamptonshire, to have the GP version of the Advanced Practitioner status. 

“It’s been great to receive all the positive feedback from clients about our hospital status. We’ve had so many lovely messages saying they are proud of us and that it is well deserved,” added Jenny. 

“It’s wonderful that our team’s skills and expertise isn’t only recognised independently by our veterinary peers at the RCVS but by our loyal clients too. 

“In fact, our clients must be happy with our services because we constantly receive new clients through word-of-mouth recommendations. 

“This was a team effort and a practice achievement, rather than just a personal one for me. I’m lucky I have such a committed and dedicated team that wanted to work hard to achieve the status, and everyone inputted their own ideas on how to provide the best care possible.

“There are always new techniques and medications in the veterinary world; everything is always changing. So now our next goal is to make sure we are at the forefront of all the new updates. 

“Being one of a small percentage of hospital-accredited first-opinion practices in the UK is such an honour, and we just want to continue growing the practice and team and maintain our high level of service for our local pets and their owners.” 

The practice will undergo an assessment every five years to maintain its hospital status. 

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