Helen, one of our Vets4Pets Practice Owners, busts some of the myths about being a vet as part of a wider business

Helen, one of our Vets4Pets Practice Owners, busts some of the myths about being a vet as part of a wider business.

“Essentially, it’s like having the best of both worlds. You have the stability of being part of a reputable nationwide organisation, with all the benefits of a locally-owned community practice.

Vets4Pets are very good at giving you the freedom to do things your own way. You have the support you need, when you need it, but they don’t micromanage you. You might think that a corporate wants to have more say in what you do, but this isn’t the case with Vets4Pets. The link to Pets at Home enables us to offer more complete care, as we can suggest a wider range of products to owners, but it’s never about the hard sell. It’s always about focusing on what’s best for the pet.

For example, if we’re in the process of introducing a new flea and worming treatment, Vets4Pets might suggest a preferred option but nothing is ever forced on us. Instead, we can act depending on our own shared experience as a practice. There is a lot of discussion around diagnostics and clinical approach, which is important for the development of the whole team. Sharing experience and observations and talking these things through is how we get the best outcomes.

Our clinical standards are very high and we offer gold-standard care to all clients, regardless of their budget. We want our service to be as good as it possibly can be, and I think this shows in the very good reputation we have with our customers – people try to register with us because of word-of-mouth recommendations.

Because we want the best for pets and their owners we have the highest expectations of our staff, and we have a lot of quality graduates who are very proud of what we offer. I find it hugely rewarding investing in fresh graduates, both professionally and personally. It’s good to know that you’ve helped someone get their career underway and, if and when they leave for another practice, you’ve done your bit to put another well-trained vet into someone’s community.”

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