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Veterinary Practice Ownership atVets4Pets Handforth

Veterinary Practice ownership available now at Vets4Pets Handforth

About the Practice

Our flagship practice, opened in May 2021, Handforth is a fantastic, modern, fully equipped practice. 

This practice is based inside a busy Pets at Home Store with great positioning and visibility on the retail park. It is a spacious and contemporary practice that is running with our new operating model. It includes a laboratory, pharmacy, digital x-ray and separate Cat and Dog waiting areas. 

Handforth's team is made up of: 

  • 2 Experienced Vets
  • 1 Practice Manager
  • 4 Pet Health Advisors
  • 2 Veterinary Care Assistants 


What our clients are saying

Just a snippet of some of the reviews the practice receives to gain their 4.7/5 on Google:

"My dog has had to have both ear canals removed. The staff here have been wonderful, cannot recommend them enough. Over and above is how they perform. Thanks!"

"The price was affordable, the receptionist was warm and welcoming.

The vet was brilliant with checking my puppy over and telling me everything I needed to know"

"Fantastic!! Really great got me in quick when I was worried about my cat and have good disabled access. They were really helpful and genuinely nice people. Have now transferred permanently to this vets surgery"

Tour our new look practice

The new operating model

The new operating model

At its core, our new operating model utilising advances in technology, practice design and colleague structure to enhance the pet, client, and colleague experience to create the future of our practices.

  • Enabling operational efficiencies such as the transference of appropriate tasks, which in turn, reduces pressure on clinicians, allowing time to write up notes, conduct clinical investigations, and allows them to focus on the most rewarding aspects of their job, ensuring a good work-life balance
  • Colleagues focusing on what they are qualified to do and enjoy the most
  • Clients receiving an exceptional service and forging stronger relationships
  • Pets getting the treatment they deserve
  • Reduced operational pressure on vets and practice teams
  • A stronger business performance

Why are we doing it?

We want our practices the best choice for vets, nurses and non-clinical colleagues. We want people to want to work with us and see no other way of working.

  • The changes provide clear career pathways within the practice
  • It gives an enhanced client journey
  • Maximises service quality
  • Improves teamworking
  • Is a practicable and innovative solution to the complexities of running a 21st Century veterinary practice

Take a look inside....


Dog waiting area

Cat waiting area



3 Consult Rooms

View from the Store

Instore location

Our new Pets at Home store look

Partnering with us

Our Joint Venture Partnership model allows vets, nurses, and practice managers the opportunity to become a practice owner. 

Our model is the only one in the industry that gives you complete TRUE clinical freedom, you're independent to make your own business and practice based decisions, allowing you to run your practice, your way, keeping 100% of the profits, securing your financial future. 

Partnering with our business experts across 12 key functions, we help develop your commercial and leadership skills and experience, setting you on the path for success. Our model includes a guaranteed salary from day 1 whilst having the security of being part of a wider group.

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Get in touch

To find out more about ownership at Vets4Pets Handforth or more around how our model works, contact Bronwen Ballinger on 07719072463.

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